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Rogerbird's Radio Modification Information

This site is provided for the sharing of information for educational purposes only.
The use of this information may void your radios warranty.
The modification of your radio may make its use illegal.
The owners of this page DONOT warranty any of this information,
nor accept any responsibility of how you use its content.

Click Here for HTX100 Modification Pages

HR2510 or Lincoln Frequency Conversion Instructions ,

HR2510 Mic Gain Modification              HR2600 Mic Gain Modification.

HR2510 Variable Power mod                   HR2600 Variable Power Mod.

HR2510 100 Watt Power mod ,

A better EASIER high power mod for the 2510, & Lincoln ,

A better EASIER high power mod for the 2600 ,

Three RF Power Mods for the HR2510, Lincoln and HR2600

HR2510 Up / Down Mic Control mod ,

HR2510 Talkback Removal.

HR2510 RIT / Clarifier Mod .

HR2510 Misc, Enhancements .                HR2600 PL Tone Switch Setting Chart

What is a Chipswitch ?

Broadband your 'CHIPSWITCHED' HR2510 for 24Mhz

HR2510 Alignment Instructions.              HR2600 Alignment Instructions

HR2510 Main Board Block Diagram      HR2600 Main Board Block Diagram ,

HR2510 CPU Board Block Diagram       HR2600 CPU Board Block Diagram ,

Microprocessor Pinout Information

Transistor Voltage Chart                          IC Voltage Chart ,

Accessory Plug And Microphone plug Pinout Information

How to install External Speaker and PA Jacks

More information to be added soon so come back often.

If you have any Questions or Comments, you can E-Mail me at

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