Radio Modification Information

If you are really interested, I suggest trying the CHIPSWITCH.

 It gives you :
 1) 30 memory channels, with temporary channel lockout and repeater offsets.
 2) Extended frequency coverage - 24.800 to 29.999 MHz.
 3) Programmable Scan/Seek functions. Scan-This allows you to set a range of frequency's in any band, and even set the hold time during scans.
 Seek-This causes the radio to seek for active channels. both features are programmable from 5KHz or 10KHz steps.
 4) Programmable channel up and down buttons. This is the ability to program the radios channel up and down button to change channels/freq. in any one of 5 different ways (5KHz, 10KHz, underlined digit, etc.).
 5) Programmable Mic channel up and down buttons. This allows programming the mic up/down buttons in any of 8 different ways.
 6) Split freq operation.
 7) programmable Xmit time out.(a built in QSO timer)
 8) Programmable transmit freq. range.
 9) Span underline cursor- allows 100Khz steps on the channel buttons, And the underlined digit can be changed with the Mic Buttons.
 10) Programmable button repeat.
 11) Programmable button beep duration.
 12) (in the 2600) RPTR button will toggle the transmit of CTCSS tones from a memory channel.
 This is a very versatile update. It does require the ability to remove the Microprocessor and solder in a new one. But it is fairly easy with a little soldering experience, and the right tools.
It comes with a complete manual and installation instructions.
A copy of the Chipswitch Operators manual can be seen here: Chipswitch Operators Manual

Chipswitch can be ordered by Phone directly from the manufacturer, there address is:


 or you can visit their Website at:
You can call them and order an information sheet prior to ordering the Chipswitch.
 I recommend this mod highly! Its easy and it does not require any new switches. It uses all the existing switches and buttons.
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 More information to be added soon so come back often.

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